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Agency Systems provides insurance agencies of all sizes with reliable, full featured insurance agency management software. Agency Systems provides the finest accounting, Acord forms, carrier integration and client services system in the industry. In addition, Agency Systems is the easiest insurance agency management system to learn and use.

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  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer ServiceNot Rated
    Ease of Use11111
    Value for price22222

    I have to agree with all of the negative comments above from commercial agencies. I’ve never seen such a terrible program. NOTHING about this system is intuitive. Nothing flows to and from applications. I don’t do personal lines so can’t speak to how good it is on that side, but if you do commercial lines RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN….

  • Overall Rating55555
    Customer Service55555
    Ease of Use55555
    Value for price55555

    After 30 years our agency switched from Vertafore to Agency Systems. With any new product there are nerves. The staff at Agency Systems was fantastic. The training I received was better than I had ever expected. The days of being put on hold for an hour (Vertafore) are over. The conversion went just like we were told it would. With any conversion there are hiccups but nothing that couldn’t be fixed. They are half the price of Vertafore and I get more for our money. We converted in August and we are up and running with no issues. Their staff even follows up on the agency from time to time just to check in. We are not just a account number but feel we are truly cared about. The system is easily maneuvered.. Thanks Agency Systems! Al Langton Insurance, Inc is a fan!

  • WE are new to Newton – so far great system, great people to work with. We were previous with Vertafore. Price wise as well as ability to move around with the Newton system is great. Half the price of Vertafore and very pleasant to work with.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Service11111
    Ease of Use11111
    Value for price11111

    Hello, Newton-I have 16 years exp running independent agencies. I’ve used many agency management tools and software. Newton is by far the worst I have ever seen! Agency Producers and CSR no longer can keep up with work. Newton has so many steps for the most simple change. The Tech support is much more of a sales team.

    If I had to make a positive spin is this system is ok for personal lines. We have a lot of mid-market accounts with many certs and forms. Terrible for commercial. Newton subcontracts out the conversions to a business in Idaho. BAD news. I cannot believe how poor the work was. Work was not completed. Left all contacts out of conversion. No precious insurance info came over. When you phone Newton for assistance on this topic all you get is-this is a conversion issue and we cannot help.

    STAY AWAY!!!! The Newton sales team is misleading. This is not a good product. If you need a low cost agency management system go with Hawksoft.

  • Overall Rating22222
    Customer Service22222
    Ease of Use33333
    Value for price22222

    Bargain basement price gets you bargain basement software…tech support has dropped considerably. No answers or fixes, basically you’ll get a few suggestions about what it “might” be, all outside of Newton to be addressed by your IT person and after those are ruled out…”call us next time it happens.”

  • Moved from Instar to Newton. Worst mistake ever. Info from Instar did not come over. Newton Service reps get angry. Commercial agents stay away.

  • I love Newton. We came from Instar and merged two Instar Agencies into one Newton. We had our challenged BUT, being able to actually talk to a live person everytime we called helped immensley. Newton is a full blown Management system and is priced right. The download functions for the company and commission’s works flawsssly. I really appreciate the fact that we can make recommendations on improvement from the Agency side and they do their best to accommodate.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Customer Service55555
    Ease of Use44444
    Value for price44444

    This is a great product. I will admit we had a little trouble with the change from Instar to Newton but it was really just becuase of the learning curve becasue of the differnt interface. System is great, really quick to perform most tasks, and custerm service is terrific.

    Conversion was very good. Not perfect, but impressive. Especiallly with imagining conversion.

    I am running Newton through Ajasent. We moved from Instart to Newton and the transistion was easy.

    If you wamt to ask me some questions about it, talk to Stephanie Hulcher and she will give you my contact info.

  • Overall Rating44444
    Customer Service55555
    Ease of Use44444
    Value for price55555

    31 year commercial lines agenct, broke off and started my own shop in January of 2011. I needed a broad and capable system that wouldn’t break the bank. AS – Newton was the answer. They have a first class support mechanism. You actually get a person when you call and the help is then & there. Training and learning their system was fantastic and I can’t say enough about their trainer Melaine, she’s great! I would buy it again given the opportunity. They stay current with updates and ways to continiously improve the ease of using their software.

  • Overall Rating33333
    Customer Service44444
    Ease of Use44444
    Value for price55555

    You get a lot for your buck with this management program. Hosted or server based application that can handle a small to medium sized P&C agency fairly well. With the download capabilities from most companies and integrated accounting system it covers the basics of day-to-day operations. Would like to see improvement with the commercial download side along with the ability to set up automatic letter generation, but not sure any program is doing either of these, at least well.

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