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Ebix ASP

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The true Internet based e-commerce management system for agencies, brokers and MGSs.

3 Customer Reviews

  • ANYONE WHO HAS THIS SYSTEM SHOULD BE GIVEN THE SYSTEM OF THEIR CHOICE AND THE TERRIBLE EBIX COMPANY SHOULD PAY FOR IT. Nothing works it is clumsy and repetitive. Makes you confirm task over and over, THEN the ones that don’t are NOT reversible.

  • Working on this very unstable platform reminds me of working in DOS. This is the worst insurance management system I have ever seen.

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    Customer Service11111
    Ease of Use11111
    Value for price11111

    The absolute worst system I’ve ever used. The system glitches, forms come up blank, half of the settings dont even work properly. Its extremely expensive, impossible to use, extra training costs $150 per hour. unhelpful and downright rude customer service. Zero stars.

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