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XDimensional Technologies®, Inc. develops and markets Nexsure®, the Internet-based insurance agency/brokerage management solution that connects agents, carriers, brokers, and policyholders, driving efficient business production, superior customer service, and insightful business management.  Nexsure is a comprehensive, Web-based agency management solution engineered for the Web from the ground up, and provided as a SaaS (“Software-as-a-Service”) solution.  This product has been designed as a highly scalable insurance processing solution that utilizes the Microsoft® technology platform (Web development based on the Microsoft .NET platform, with Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine), and takes full advantage of the XML data format.

Nexsure offers robust contact management, sales force automation, campaign design and management (marketing), advanced workflow, standard (property and casualty, life and health, benefits) and custom lines of business, policy life cycle management, CRM, and multi-office accounting and reporting.  It offers optional modules for enterprise reporting (data warehouse), enterprise application integration, client and retail agent portal access, and SubmissionSuite (on-line submissions).

As a scalable, Web-based, Microsoft .NET application with built-in Web services, data processing, and transactional capabilities, Nexsure’s offerings reflect XDimensional’s commitment to providing business solutions that improve and enhance the way the insurance industry conducts business.

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    Over the 20+ years I have been in business, I have used Applied(15 years) AMS – Vertafore 5 years – I was never happy with either one of the systems. I am a small agency and rely on my numbers and the ability to communicate with customers easily. Both applied and ams were cumbersome and not cost effective. everything was an add-on and if you had a problem support was bought. I moved to Nexsure last April 26 (2019) the very best move I have ever made. Support is ALWAYS there and they do not refer you to the Users group to purchase assistance. You get hands on training for a specified period of time, then you move to “support” support is immediate and extremely generous with their help. Plus, they have a marketing aspect to their system and I have constant help with setting this up. AMAZING company, AMAZING people AND the price does not go up every year AND they don’t nickel and dime you. I highly recommend NexSure if you are looking for an Awesome Agency Management System.

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    I am very disappointed in Nexsure. I really thought that they were the ones to be on the curve of technology, as we know the insurance industry is not on the forefront when it comes to technology. I finally stopped the process of trying to get my data into their system or should I say the process stopped me because they could not get my data to convert, after 5 months of effort and multiple pending go live dates with little responses at times I had to pull the plug on them.

    So when I asked for my money back, over $3,000, I received this email response.
    Thanks Tom,
    Would any of the other data acquisition methods (like initial loads from all of your downloading carriers) be worth looking into? It seems like forgoing all that Nexsure brings to the table on a going-forward basis, based on what can’t come out of Xanatek, would be throwing the baby out with the bathwater :-(.
    So they suggested maintaining 2 data bases for a period of time. Which I objected to, I think you all will know why. Can you say E&O.

    To which I received this response along with the official contract language.

    “Patrick wanted to make sure that you knew that it will be a collaborative process as we will be counting on your help to get the data from Xanatek exported and ‘massaged’ into our import format.

    The official language
    Excel Import of Client Data. XDTI will provide Licensee with an import of Licensee’s data from their Xanatek IMS system, utilizing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template for the data fields available for import, to be provided by XDTI. This template will allow Licensee to import high level contact and account information for their clients (e.g., name, address, primary phone number, etc.), as well as policy header information (if available; e.g., line of business, policy number, effective and expiration dates, named insured, etc.). The cost for this service is $495. The data itself will need to be exported by Licensee in Excel format from Licensee’s existing system, then reformatted by Licensee in accordance with the XDTI Excel import spreadsheet template (keeping all column headers in place, as is, and all columns intact and in the same order), before being provided to XDTI to import into a Nexsure test database for review by Licensee, prior to importing this data into Licensee’s production site for the Software. XDTI is not responsible for the validity of Licensee’s data, as it exists in Licensee’s current system(s). XDTI can only be expected to import the data as is, mapped to the appropriate fields within the Software via the Excel template provided by XDTI.

    The long and short of it is I would not choose Nexsure. They looked at my system before I signed up they should have known what I was working with and the data I had.


  • I wanted to update my review from February. We have since been in touch with XDTI. They were extremely helpfull in addressing our issues with the system and showed us a not of new features of which we were not aware! It seems that most of the blame was on us for not properly keeping up with the system upgrade enhancements. As such, I would give their support dept a big thumbs up!

  • August 7, 2013 – Updated

    I wanted to update my review from February. We have since been in touch with XDTI. They were extremely helpfull in addressing our issues with the system and showed us a not of new features of which we were not aware! It seems that most of the blame was on us for not properly keeping up with the system upgrade enhancements. As such, I would give their support dept a big thumbs up!

    February 28, 2013

    We moved from TAM Central to Nexsure about 10 years ago. The tab system on the home page is very good for staying organized. However the system has virtually no reporting function other than a few default reports. Anything else must be sent to tech support. The carrier interface is tedious. And regarding the workflows, it can sometimes take 10-15 clicks to do something that takes 1 or 2 clicks. The document management is rediculously slow and difficult to search since it’s easy to label docs inconsistently. We’ve ended up having to store docs on a local server. At this point, Nexsure has become a glorified address book. So we’re looking at other systems now.

  • Overall Rating55555
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    Ease of Use44444
    Value for price55555

    I have been using the Nexsure System for over three years and it is very easy to use and beneficial to our business. I can access the system from the office or on the road. There is always room for improvement and I have ask for specific features but overall has been a great system and we are more productive since we moved to Nexsure.

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    Nexsure was a state of the art system when it came out and among the first to come out with a browser-based system. I truly like the browser-based system as you can log in from anywhere without having to use additional software. For the most part, it’s fairly fast and does not have any system hang-ups. It’s easy to use and its tab-based system makes it easy to use, though it can get a little complicated at times when drilling down to a specific tab and its respective task. For example, doing a certificate take a little getting used to as you have to configure a number of things before the certificate can be produced.

    My favorite part of Nexsure is its action system; it’s very easy to use, you can update it and it time stamps everything. It’s easy to assign another action (sometimes called activities or tasks on other systems) to another agency staff member and the running history of the action is easy to view as you scroll down through the action. Its document filing system, called “attachments,” is fairly easy to use and easy to access digital documents, including emails. As long you label the description properly, using the search mechanism makes it easy to find any document. Pulling up a document has a slight delay, but can be pulled fairly quickly with perhaps about a 10 second delay. Their real time transfer to carrier websites I would say is very good, but not perfect. The ability to track an employee’s use of Nexsure is excellent as you can pull up a detailed report on each employee, what accounts they worked on and how much time was spent. It can also send an email to anyone once anyone logs into the Nexsure system.

    Its email system is outdated and can use improvement, most especially with the advanced web-based email systems that are available today. On the main policy screen, premiums are not automatically filled unless a certain procedure is manually done to update that screen. However, one can tab over to the next tab, which will show the premiums as well as the commission if the carrier commission percentages is programmed into the system. Reports are limited and can be a little challenging to do. You can contact Nexsure and sometimes they will do a report for you based upon your request. I believe they charge for more detailed reports. This is probably the biggest thing lacking with Nexsure.

    I personally have not gotten live technical support since using the system. It’s always gone into a voicemail system and they would call you back, sometimes quickly, but not always. They also highly recommend emailing tech support and in most cases, I would get a reply within 4 hours. They also have an extensive help section that covers many different procedures on Nexsure, has an index, and is easy to use.

    When Nexsure came out, it was a terrific product because it was state of the art at that time. However, while they have improved the system over the years using their current technology, they have not upgraded the technology and capabilities. I feel Nexsure has a lot of potential as it is on the right platform. The question remains: Will they advance themselves to that next step?

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