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QQ Catalyst is a new concept in cloud-based insurance agency automation. It’s fully Web-based and uses the latest cloud computing technology to enable you to work securely anywhere! Catalyst works on any device with a modern browser, including PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and other mobile devices. There’s no software to install! Catalyst incorporates such cutting edge features as guided workflows to make your everyday agency tasks fast, easy and error-free. It’s beautifully intuitive, visually engaging and incredibly easy to learn and use.

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QQ Solutions
350 Fairway Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Phone 800-940-6600
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    Best for carriers that use Ivan downloads. A lot of manual entry otherwise. Read your contract. You can only make changes to your contract ONCE A YEAR AND ONLY IF YOU GIVE 60 DAYS NOTICE. I wanted to cancel my contract for various reasons to include I’m a captive agent and the manual entry was to time-consuming and also because I’m closing that side of my business. Low and behold I discovered that you can only make changes ONCE A YEAR at your renewal and you have to request those changes no less than 60 days before that renewal. So now I am stuck paying for something I can’t use for another 8 months

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    On June 29th 2019 the QQ system went down for hours. No access to any customers. Also I am personally having a problem with files that hold pdf files of curent comercial policies disapearing and then reappearing. I had a claim and cold not see if it was covered.
    Stability is failing. The version I am referring to is Catalyst in the cloud. The desktop was a delight.

  • I was on QQ desktop version. When I moved to Catalyst they destroyed all of the x-dates that I had. they made multiple entries of up to 10 per customer. They promised that they would use my annual destop fee against the Catallyst and pay one year once we got functional. They lied. Sent me a bill. They then told me I would go to QQ-Pro for an additional $20.00 and it turned out to be $330.72 per month from the 158. per month. They lie a lot.

  • I have been a 10 yr loyal customer and the thanks I get started within a couple of months of Vertafore take over with jump in my bill but the worst part is that they no longer support my version so we want to find another system. They have charged me for a copy of my data (499) and the copy is not any good. When calling (you won’t believe this) the person that handles the problem we are told does not have a phone extension and he refuse to answer an email. Robbed of our own data!

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Service11111
    Ease of Use44444
    Value for price22222

    I have been a QQ customer for nearly 10 years. QQ Catalyst by Vertafore is not the same product it once was. Sadly Vertafore has killed what was once the leading mgmt system. We are now plagued by downtime and extreme slowness almost weekly since 1/1/18. It’s sad to see a product be murdered in slow motion.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Service11111
    Ease of Use11111
    Value for price11111

    If you are looking for an expensive way to just save your clients contacts, By all means get QQ. If not maybe try a regular CRM service. The interface for QQ is very tedious, You need to enter information multiple times, You can not customize fields to your specific needs. We havent been able to fully use their QuickBooks because it is not practical. So dont think you will be able to use any of the accounting features, nor commission tracking like they say. Try to get some bugs fixed but they say its a “programming issue” but the issue seems to remain in the system for ever. Do your research fully before commiting to QQ.

  • New customer of QQ catalyst. The concern is that the company has been unable to provide a current user in my area of Long Beach Cal so that I can ask them questions about the QQ or go and observe it’s use. If its at all possible to ask questions about this product please contact me at

  • I just went with QQ catalyst. We have had our policies downloaded and we are about to begin training. My concern is that my rep at QQ seems unable to provide me with another user in my area of Long Beach Cal. That concerns me. I have many questions and wish that before we begin training I can talk to someone who has used the system. If that is at all possible please contact me. Thanks.

  • This system while user friendly has some major flaws. forget it if your agency does health business. I liked the company BEFORE Vertafore purchased it… now it is awful NO customer service to speak of. I am going to change management systems.

  • Overall Rating11111
    Customer Service11111
    Ease of Use11111
    Value for price11111

    Lets see where to begin. They incorrectly have things linked. The accord 140’s do not load all of the mortage companies you assign to each property, it stops after the second prop. Um, can’t add COIs, EOIs, and such as attached in emails.. the email function for attaching accord forms only loads the history.. called in to warn them about all these obvious issues, they lied to my face saying “working as intended” which I know for a fact it is not, HINT HINT, I can code CSS, JS, and HTML with SQL query and Jquery. The flow is great, they do NOT think about the customer, they have an issue with actually fixing the broken crap before adding new.. then the email system they add, CANT EVEN PRINT THE EMAILS, everyone in the insurance business knows, backups of everything.. period. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND anyone to consider this as an option, fork over the money for a proper one.

  • Overall RatingNot Rated
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    Value for price11111

    Catalyst is ABSOLUTELY USELESS for commercial agencies. Do not waste your time even considering. It is less expensive than other software for a reason.

  • Our agency tested QQ Catalyst about 8 months ago, but there are a several things the software doesn’t do that we need. If you finance your commercial policies premium and take customer payments to forward to the finance company, the system doesn’t allow this. It will only take payments for the carrier, but if you need to take a payment for Capital Premium, for example, you have to create invoices to trick the system, otherwise it will show that you took a payment for the carrier. If you collect credit card payments that get deposited into your bank account, you have to create invoices as well to trick the system into believing that the Agency is collecting the money rather than believing that the credit card payment was processed directly through the carrier. There are limitations to selecting multiple payment types. If the insured pays the agency directly with cash and credit card, you can’t take this simple payment – you need to create an invoice first because there is no option “Credit Card to Agency”, per se. We did like the user interface, especially the Stack option to leave a policy and come back to the same spot later. And other simple features that are used regularly, like memos, letters, images.

  • Debbie
    what is your split between commercial and personal lines?
    I heard that this QQ was more for commercial lines agency
    can you let us know what you think after over a year using the QQ system??

  • Overall Rating22222
    Customer Service55555
    Ease of Use33333
    Value for price33333

    I do not like Catalyst. Mostly because they make the spouse listed as an additional insured. The to do list is also clumsy and does not flow for a CSR. Too many steps needed to log client activity and suspense.

  • Dear Debbie,
    We just finished our first demo presentation with QQ Solutions.
    We were very impressed. We are on AMS Prime and need to move to another system by end of this year. We have 5 full time employees and one part-time. We are 90% Personal Lines and 10% Commercial. I would like to schedule a call with you to talk about your experience. My phone number is 225-644-8406.

  • Overall Rating55555
    Customer Service55555
    Ease of Use55555
    Value for price55555

    Before we decided on QQ Solutions/Catalyst I did as much research as time allows over about a 3 month timeline. Every vendor touted theirs to be the best of course, but not every system meets the same needs for all agency managers due to many considerations. So do your homework and read users reviews and make phone calls to users who have nothing to lose by telling you the truth. I almost went with the Cadillac (so I’m told) in the industry till I talked with a tenured user who shared with me her experience. She has to renotiate her pricing each year and each year it goes up, keep in mind it’s already at the limit for most agencies budgets especially in the beginning. She also was the only one to tell me that unless I had direct appointments with carriers I need not worry about the download capability because you can’t do downloads unless you do have a direct appointment – not one single vendor had every asked to explore that situation to ensure their product was a good fit for me.

    I finally decided to go with QQ Solutions/Catalyst because it seemed to have all the factors we needed without the unnecessary fluff that would have demanded a lot more employee training, no doubt a lot more frustration, which tends to keep employees from utilizing complex systems. We were able to get on board immediately with very little ramp up time. The plethera of YouTube videos which are available on demand are available to answer almost any questions that arises – thus far we’ve found one to address every issue and they are delivered in an easy to understand and follow fashion.

    So while we are still new in the system, my employees have embraced the system, they love it’s ease of use and navigation, and we can access the data from any pc in the office (very unlike our previous system with multiple limitations).

    Part of what led me to QQ in the first place was their no pressure sales – try it if you like it great, if you don’t we won’t hold your data hostage (unlike most competitors), and you can quit at anytime, we don’t hold you by contract. That speaks volumes when you deliver the product and service that makes customers WANT to stay rather than stay because they had to donate a kidney to get the system initially and then they are bound for life because their data is captive.

    So thus far I could not be more pleased with our decision. The customer service has been fabulous and especially by comparison to our previous vendor, we love love love the system and all the new features we have at our disposal now to help manage our clients, renewals, commissions, and data.

    Thanks QQ! I’m more than willing to answer any question from any prospective client – I don’t have a dog in the hunt and I would be more than happy to share my in depth research among the multitude of vendors for a totally unbiased opinion of why I made this choice and how it’s working for us.

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