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The Sagitta management system is the most flexible and powerful management system available today, designed specifically to help large agencies, MGAs, bankers and national brokers simplify workflow, increase productivity, enhance customer service, and control operating costs.

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Vertafore, Inc.
11831 North Creek Pkwy North
Bothell, WA 98011-8247

Phone: 800-444-4813
Fax: 425-402-9569

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    Wanted to chime in on this. We have been using Sagitta at our agency for 3 years now. At first getting used to the system took a bit and was a pain but after around 6 months I and a few other services realized how little down time we were having compared to our previous AMS. Once we were trained and were used to the system it really proved easy and valuable given the stable nature of the program, intuitive fields and the scalability of the software.

    There are some VERY useful features of the program I thought weren’t available until I contacted customer support for a related problem, I believe Vertafore should have some better marketing, promoting these features within the AMS.

    Other then that very satisfied with the software, its not flashy but it is quick, reliable and easier to use by the day.

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    Sagitta SUCKS!!! It may be great from a management side, but from a user side, not so much. The insurance side is cumbersome and not user friendly. The accounting side is even worse.

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    Very well said Johnmichael!!!

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    In our experience, Sagitta Browser is an ideal agency management system for a P&C broker with 50 or more users. The system runs on a database that is able to accommodate extremely large numbers of users thanks to the UniVerse database and RS6000/AIX server. While no product is perfect, Sagitta continues to be as close to the ideal as we have seen. It does an outstanding job of tracking clients, prospect, suspects, contacts, policies, schedules – as well as having excellent accounting, certificates (recently upgraded), and multiple other areas. There is support for “Web Services” to directly connect third-party systems or your own applications as well as ODBC connections if run in-house. There is an extremely active user community that continues to work together to improve the product through NetVU and SAUCI as well as regional groups. A Research and Development committee involving end users of the product work directly with the developers in Windsor and they are actively listening to the needs of each agency. Vertafore has done an excellent job of connecting Sagitta with their other applications to create a complete suite of applications.

    As stated earlier, no product is perfect. One of the major shortcomings is on the marketing side which Vertafore continues to explore. There are other areas that are not bad but unique in their approach that you will want to evaluate such as the built-in workflow system, the way activities are generated, and the integration with products such as Outlook and Microsoft Word. The Sagitta community of users is very open to discussing what we each like and dislike and is a great place to explore the options.

    Sagitta is available for running in your agency as well as hosted by Vertafore on their servers in Dallas.

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