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SalesPulse™ is the first insurance lead-management system designed by brokers for brokers. That means you’ll spend less time managing information and more time selling. Simple yet powerful, SalesPulse will take you from sticky notes and spreadsheets to complete lead-tracking automation in just a few clicks. Are you ready to sell more?

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  • Signed up for Zywave, they couldn’t make anything work with our agency management system after promising it would. After a while they just dropped off the face of the earth. They kept hitting my checking account for their monthly fees even after repeated attempts to cancel the service. Now they have the gall to chase me down with a high pressure collection agency. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH ZYWAVE.

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    For anyone expecting that this system will be the magic wand to increasing business, that’s not the case – at least for me. What it has done is provide my clients one more reason not to leave our company, and has given prospects a reason to consider us carefully because we do provide a robust offering of collateral materials that they can use to educate their employees and themselves. I find it most effective when sitting with the HR person and helping them craft an employee communication piece to perhaps offset negative trends in their employee population – lifestyle habits, addressing stress and how to offset etc. It is expensive, especially their private webinars – which we put on for clients – but so far I haven’t found anything that can give me as much.

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    Zywave is a marketing trap. Do not fall for the statistics and promises of an agency turn around. The facts and stats are a false prophecy to you. The clicks and drip marketing are not utilized as sold. You will NOT get your companies dollar worth. Your clients will not expand because you have an email campaign.

    The Zywave platform is technical and clumsy. Shoppers don’t become customers. Save the money.

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