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12 Customer Reviews

  • Zywave’s large database of materials, its HR platform, and email marketing campaign service are all of relatively high quality. The database of materials is helpful, but is not worthit, and similar, customized marketing materials could be made for a fraction of the cost of Zywave’s subscriptions. The HR platform, while it offers a lot of employee tracking capabilities, it takes a lot of man hours to set up and run. Much cheaper and less time consuming HR platforms are available. The email marketing campaign is a nice service, but again has the same issue that there are similar services out there for a fraction of the price.
    Zywave certainly has not been a highly profitable investment for us for the past year. In fact, it has been much of the opposite. Our profits may have seen zero growth at this point, but our expenses have increased by a pretty significant margin from this service.
    Bottomline, we realized that Zywave is not even close to worth the money we are spending on it. We regretted having signed a long term contract. We are now hoping that Zywave would work with us at opting out of the contract since we are wholly unsatisfied with the subscription. However, Zywave has been extremely inflexible with reaching a solution with us. They say we can break the contract and pay 80% of the remaining cost on the contract (hardly a deal) or keep the contract going until its end. We feel that it is our duty to forewarn prospective Zywave subscribers so that they do not make the same mistake we did by signing their contract.

    So, buyer beware! Only sign the contract with Zywave if you are 100% CERTAIN that it is the right move for you.

  • An AMS created by a team of insurance agents, hosted on Salesforce, the #1 CRM Platform worldwide, TechCanary is the all in one solution agents have been looking for!! We would love to show you, so you can show the world!!! 😉

  • Since our Agency has started using CRM and E-Mail Marketing System which is specfic to the Insurance Industry..Our close ratios have increased over 35%..It allows our Agency to keep in front of our prospects and clients…AgencyIQ gives me the ability and the flexability of working whenever I have too…Please review

  • Alicor Solutions does fantastic insurance websites…. great service, great sites, great people & affordible pricing!!

    If you need an insurance website, they are the specialists!!

  • I discovered that for a category to be displayed it had to have at least one product. I have added a fax solution and have added a Security Software category and pre-filled with Symantec.

  • Steve, I cannot find the Faxing Solutions Category you added and I have another suggestion: security software such as Symantec and its competitors. It sould be nice to know which works best with what other software. Sometimes I think Symantec is the culprit when my computer (using AMS360 & Outlook) is slow, but it’s hard to say.

  • I have added a section for web cams as part of the cool tools category. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Steve Anderson

  • Hi Steve,

    Love the new site thus far, and plan to submit a review or two of my own in the near future. How about adding webcams under the “Cool tools” section? I’m seriously considering buying one soon, but the research I’ve done thus far in magazines and on Web sites has uncovered more “horror stories” about installing and configuring these devices than anything else. I’d like to hear about “success stories” too!

  • Wendy, I have added a category for Faxing Solutions. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Steve, could you please add a category for Faxing Solutions. We’ve been using the MS fax that comes in Windows but it’s a little temperamental, and we’d prefer a web-based system now. I’d love to hear how other options function with AMS360 and hosted Outlook Exchange with AppRiver.

  • Tim, great idea. This will be added as soon as possible. Anyone can click on “Suggest a Review” to add a product or service that is not listed. Once I have a little more experience I may let individual add their own products.

  • Love the wp blog. How about a category for insurance quoting engines or comaparitive raters. These could be web based services for a specific vertical like individual health (Norvax) or quoting engines that sit behind a form built by the agency and push data to carrier quoting systems for many verticals including Commercial, Home, Group Medical, small commercial or Auto. I know there is Leads 2.0 from Agent Secure for Commercial type and EzLynx which does auto. Would love to hear what other agents are doing.

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