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Vision – Applied Systems

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Vision is designed for the large agency or brokerage that needs to manage complex business structures, or has unique needs related to handling complicated commercial lines coverage, specialty lines of business, or nontraditional niche markets.

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    Vision is a miricle that No One ever recognized. The was a TRUE single entry System that created its own data bases as it went along. Once client information was entered, it was available for use on any policy for that account. VISIONS replacement EPIC (Failure) just plain s@#&$ big time. Reports in vision were amazingly easy and fast to create. Literally! I showed the trainers. We worked on a report, and it took THEM 3 hours to set it up. NOT including training time. The same report took 1.5 minutes to set up on Vision. They were amazed to say the least.
    EPIC is 10yrs behind where Vision was. Unfortunately they told us Vision was to no longer be supported and we have to switch to EPIC.

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